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Marriott Hotels & Resorts Group

Location:Street No 2 KM 228.9, Ponce  00717 Puerto Rico 

This is one of our project, belongs to Marriott Hotels & Resorts Group.

Our company provided laminated insulated Glass curtain wall system, insulated Glasswindows and doors, tempered glass shower wall panels, entry doors, office doors,glass railings, frameless foldable window panels and other building materials to this project. And we do designs for this project.

Sanjing produces all the building glass and aluminum profile by ourself, so we has a much more competitive price. 

During the construction of the project, a 6.8 earthquake occurred in the local area. Our glass was not damaged due to good packaging and high quality. The contractor of the project highly praised us and established a long-term cooperative relationship.


Send your inquiry / assessment to Us. Anything need us ,please don’t hesitate contact us here! we will keep it secret for you !