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Application of Online Low-E Glass in Near-Zero Energy Building

Explore the energy-saving design of building glass curtain wall

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country’s economy and society, glass curtain walls have been widely used in construction. Although the use of glass curtain walls can greatly reduce the amount of concrete and steel used, and this has a more favorable impact on reducing resource consumption; however, if the glass curtain wall is used as an outer protective structure, its various functions are Far inferior to traditional walls, such as heat preservation and heat insulation. According to statistics, the heat loss of glass curtain walls is about 6 times that of traditional walls. However, the energy consumption of glass curtain walls is half of the energy consumption of construction. From this point of view, the glass curtain wall occupies a very important position in the construction of energy-saving plans.

Explore the energy-saving design of building glass curtain wall

Guidelines to be followed in energy-saving planning for building glass curtain walls

When planning the energy-saving construction of glass curtain walls, it is necessary to fully consider the influence of various factors, such as functions, functions, etc. Then choose a more scientific curtain wall structure and structure. In fact, the confirmation of the heat transfer coefficient of the glass curtain wall is determined by the regional climate, the construction structure and the heat transfer coefficient of the glass.


Comprehensive consideration of the environment and project practices in different regions, combined with related regulations, follow and implement the national energy conservation policy. In addition, the relationship between building energy consumption and comfort must be handled well


In the construction and maintenance of the structure, the glass curtain wall is an important part, and it is the party that considers the construction of energy conservation. Therefore, the construction of energy conservation planning must be fully considered. Only after the energy conservation and economy are unified, can energy conservation and economy be unified. Truly highlights the value of building energy-saving plans.

Use area of ​​descending glass curtain wall

Decreasing the planned area of the glass curtain wall can reduce the heat transmission in summer. In this way, the indoor temperature will not be very hot, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning; in winter, the heat exchange can be greatly reduced and the heat loss due to glass can be greatly reduced. At this stage, in the process of building energy conservation planning, too much pursuit of appearance effects is not the best choice to reduce the planned area of ​​the glass curtain wall.

Construction location planning

In the energy-saving plan for the construction of glass curtain walls, the construction location planning is also very important. When planning, the building should be able to meet various requirements such as daylighting, ventilation and shading. Generally speaking, the construction location is equipped in the north-south direction. In most areas of our country, its construction orientation is to sit north and face south. However, when confirming the orientation, it must also be combined with the geographical environment, climate and other conditions, and change with the change of demand, which is not static. In this way, when using the glass curtain wall, it is ensured that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will not be too large.

Data selection

Under normal circumstances, the use of single-piece heat-absorbing glass or Low-E glass can achieve better energy-saving effects, but this effect is relatively extremely limited. If the glass area is too large, it is difficult to meet the practice Require. However, it is a very good choice to use the above-mentioned glass to form an insulating glass. After the use of insulating glass, it can greatly reduce the solar radiation heat, and can greatly reduce the temperature difference heat transfer. Therefore, insulating glass is the first choice for energy-saving planning for building glass curtain walls.

Shading energy saving technology

At this stage, the commonly used material for indoor shading is window cloth, but its shading effect is mainly determined by the nature of the shading side of the window cloth. If you choose ordinary fabrics, the inhalation of a lot of heat will cause the indoor temperature to continue to rise, which greatly increases the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose new shading materials. At present, nano-materials not only have a strong reflection effect on ultraviolet radiation, but also a strong absorption function, and then convert the absorbed ultraviolet rays into heat energ.

Energy saving principle

In summer, the general double-glazed curtain wall adopts the “chimney effect” and uses natural ventilation for ventilation to reduce the temperature of the indoor air; if in winter, the “greenhouse effect” is used, which can achieve better thermal insulation effects. It can also greatly reduce heating costs. When the double-glazed curtain wall is irradiated by the high temperature in summer, it will heat the air in the channel of the curtain wall. In this way, the air will flow from bottom to top, and then the hot air in the channel will be taken away to quickly drop the indoor air. temperature. If in winter, the outer vents of the double-glazed curtain wall can be closed, so that the air in the glass curtain wall will continue to rise in temperature after being irradiated by the sun, reducing the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and achieving outstanding thermal insulation effects. Greatly reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating.

Enhanced ventilation or cooling

Generally speaking, the temperature around the glass curtain wall is several degrees higher than the temperature observed by practical meteorology. If it is a double-glazed curtain wall, the amount of air exchange in the glass curtain wall is determined by the custom and wind direction, and is not affected by the chimney effect; therefore, in the energy-saving planning process of the glass curtain wall, the space of the double-glazed curtain wall Separate from the vent, the primary purpose of this is to reduce the backflow of summer hot air into the room. However, the cost of such energy-saving planning is very high, and it may even reduce the thermal insulation function of the glass curtain wall.


In fact, the heat transfer area refers to the glass curtain wall and the space set in the interior. For example, in the planning process, outsourcing balconies are often set up. The energy-saving principle of this kind of planning is roughly the same as that of the double-glazed curtain wall. However, due to the large space, in order to deal with the ventilation problem more properly, the heat must be properly diverted. In this way, outstanding performance can be achieved. The cooling effect can also greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

In our country, due to the relative shortage of power. Therefore, in the next few years, many new energy-saving technology plans will be quickly applied, such as: solar energy building energy-saving plans. The glass curtain wall is planned for the facade curtain wall of the building, therefore, it has certain advantages in the rational use of solar energy. At this stage, my country has developed the use of photovoltaic curtain walls to generate electricity. This type of curtain wall refers to the use of composite photovoltaic panels in the glass, and the glass and photovoltaic panels must be connected during the assembly process to form a complete power generation system. Especially in summer, this kind of curtain wall can make full use of the power source converted from absorbed solar energy to better meet the lighting needs of users.

Concluding remarks

Overall, energy conservation became a focal issue faced by all countries in the world at that time. In recent years, due to scientific progress and social development in my country, construction concepts have been constantly updated. Therefore, higher requirements have been put forward in terms of energy conservation, resource utilization, and environmental protection. This makes the use of glass curtain walls very important in construction. widely. Because the glass curtain wall is a new technology, the energy-saving effect is very closely related to the curtain wall planning. Therefore, it is necessary for us to use scientific and reasonable methods to make great efforts in the energy-saving planning of glass curtain wall construction.


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