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Insulated Glass Products

Sanjing Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is also called “Double glazing glass and triple glazing glass” or “Insulated Glazing Unit”, In different country it has different name.It is made of  two or three layers glass, and have air or inert gas in middle of the glass.


We can use insulating glass in many places, the curtain wall of skyscrapers, the Windows of apartment buildings, the glass doors and Windows of seaside villas, as well as schools, hotels, stadiums, etc., but also including the doors and Windows of cars, boats, freezers.

Insulated Glass Application

insulated glass application
insulated glass application
insulated glass application
insulated glass application

Composition And Structure Of Insulated Glass

Glass Types:

The glass sheet used for insulating glass is usually made of 3-12mm glass sheets, chlear or tinted , tempered or no-tempered, and laminated glass is sometimes used as an option. 

In order to reduce the U-value, low-e glass is a commercially available option for insulated glass unit.

low-e glass can reduce radiation, heat preservation, heat insulation, and play a role in saving energy. At the same time, the light transmittance of low-e glass can theoretically reach 0-95%, which is higher than the light transmittance of ordinary clear glass, and it is more transparent in visual effect, and the lighting of the building is better.

Because of the excellent performance of lowe insulating glass, Dubai’s “Burj Khalifa”, London’s iconic building “Gherkin”, and China’s “Shanghai Center” have all chosen low-e insulating glass.

insulated Lowe glass
Spacer Types:

The spacer bars separate the two pieces of glass and form a closed space inside, which can be filled with gas or vacuum to suit different functional requirements.

Now the common spacer strips in the market are Aluminum spacer strip, Warm edge gasket, and Warm edge gasket there are three kinds.,  They are Stainless steel warm edge gasket, Plastic-metal composite warm edge gasket and Flexible warm edge gasket. If you want to know more about this, please see this article.

http://How many kinds of insulating glass spacers are there?
Our company can provide insulating glass made of these different spacers. If you need it, please contact me.

Gas Types:

Argon is the most commonly used inert gas in insulating glass. Filling argon can significantly reduce the heat transfer coefficient.
Not only reduce the temperature on both sides of the glass, reduce the condensation on the glass surface, but also reduce the probability of glass self-explosion, and can improve the sound insulation performance by 30%.

In addition to filling argon, vacuum insulated glass panels can also be made.


Production And Processing

Most of the production of insulating glass is highly customized, customers according to their needs to specify different types of glass, thickness, the size of each unit to customize. Because especially for large buildings, the choice of glass needs to fully take into account the local climate, the surrounding environment, the height of the building, the height of the storey and other complex factors. Of course, we also have professional designers who can provide you with professional consulting services.

If you have a project that requires a large quantity of insulating glass in a short period of time, Sanjing Glass Company will be your best choice. We have three automatic insulated glass production lines, two tempered glass production lines, two laminated glass production lines, and have many times to provide glass experience for large projects. In 2022, we provided insulating glass for the Qatar World Cup project, and you can see the detailed introduction in this article.

Our Factory

Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., Ltd. with 27 years glass manufacturing. Our company plant area over 40000 square meters, more than 300 employees and various technical management personnel, specializing in glass processing and integrating production, sales and service.  With advanced equipment, excellent quality and perfect service, the company has established a good reputation in the market and established cooperative relations with customers in more than 40 countries.

Our competitive prices and good customer service, we have been widely recognized by many customers. We welcome new and old customers all over the world to contact us, establish business relations and achieve common success!

insulated glass factory
tempered glass
glass factory
glass factory

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