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Colored Tempered Glass
Thermal insulating glass
Thermal insulating glass
12mm Thffen Glass Price /Tempered Glass/ Toughened Glass/  ESG Glass

Application: Padel Tennis Court/Glass Railing/Glass Door

Size: Custom size

Processing: Tempering, polishing, drilling, etching etc.

Quality:Meet Europe and America CE and SGCC certified


The first is that the strength is several times higher than that of ordinary glass and it is resistant to bending. The second is safe use, and its load-bearing capacity is improved to improve the fragile nature. Even if the tempered glass is broken, it will show small fragments without sharp angles, and the damage to the human body is reduced. The quenching and rapid heat properties of tempered glass are 2 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass.

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Introduction of 12mm tuffen glass Price

12mm toffen glass also called tempered glass or toughened glass, is actually made of 12mm annealed glass, which is heated above the annealing point and then cooled rapidly. Due to the increase of heat treatment and rapid cooling of glass, especially between the surface and interior of glass, the treatment produces different physical properties, resulting in compressive stress on the surface of glass and equilibrium stress in glass.

These balanced internal stresses cause the glass to break into small pieces, which are less likely to cause damage than the usual jagged fragments produced when the glass breaks, which is easy to cause damage. The treatment of tempered glass makes it more resistant to crushing. This is the main safety advantage of this glass in almost all applications.


It is a kind of safety glass, which improves its strength through controlled heat treatment or chemical treatment, compared with ordinary glass.

 The outer surface is in the state of compression and the outer surface is in the state of tension. This stress causes the glass to break into small pieces rather than jagged pieces. Pellets are unlikely to cause injury.

Product parameter of 12mm tuffen glass Price
8mm,10mm,12mm, ther thickness form 4-19mm can also produce according customer’s demand.
Clear, bronze, grey, green, blue
Min. 200x300mm, Max.3300mmx13000mm, custom sizes
Self explosion rate
can achieve <3/1000(China standard: <1/1000)
Thickness tolerance: within 0.2mm; Dimension tolerance: normally within 1mm
CE, ISO, CCC, BS6202,EN12150,GB15763.2
Delivery time
7-15 days, urgently service is available.
Product Feature of 12mm tuffen glass Price

Strong, safe, and highly resistant to heat, If broken, it shatters into tiny pieces making it safer than annealed glass that breaks into big shards Physically and thermally stronger than regular glass.

High strength: The impact strength of tempered glass of the same thickness is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. Thermal stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability, and can withstand a temperature difference of three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference of 250 °C.


12mm Tuffen Glass Price
Product Application Of 12mm Tuffen Glass Price
Custom service:

Sanjing Glass provide quality customize and process service, we welcome to customize you size, color, shape etc, flat and curved shape are all available. The max size we can produce is 3300mmx12000mm, minimum radius we can do is 400mm and maximum arc length is 5000mm. Process service such as edgeworks, drill hole, safety corner ect process can customize according customers requirement.

Pre shipment inspection:

Sanjing Glass take 100% inspection before packing to make sure each sheet of glass are all in good condition after customer received.

Sanjing Glass can also provide you aluminum and stainless steel fitting with glass together to help you purchase your building project material.

12mm Tuffen Glass Price
Product Qualification Of 12mm Tuffen Glass Price
Sanjing Glass has been meet safety glass USA and Europe certificates due to our high quality, every step of our production process must strictly comply with the standards and customer requirements.
Sanjing Glass sells processed glass to many countries, and help our customers build famous Projects and Landmarks worldwide.
Product qualification


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