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4mm glass ig

4mm ig glass
igu glass

4mm glass ig also called double glazed glass. 4mm glass ig apply to external building walls which refers to the supporting structural system that relative to the main structure, 4mm glass ig has a certain ability of deformation, but the glass structural system does not share the weight or loading of building and main structure, it is building wall. 4mm glass igu mainly made of double glazed glass that 4mm glass ig insulation and sound resistance, or tempered laminated safety glass with spider system.

4mm ig glass

  4mm glass ig  is a new heat and noise insulation building material which has other many features- energy saving, safety, antifogging, etc. 4mm glass ig is hermetically sealed combination of two or more pieces of 4mm glass ig glass separated by a dry air-space. The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special gas. 4mm ig glass is mainly used in building curtain wall, window, ceiling, and so on. 4mm ig glass is also called Insulated Glazing (IG), more commonly known as double glazing or double-pane, and increasingly triple glazing/pane are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

The unique structure of the 4mm glass ig  and the 4mm glass ig heat insulating effect of the hollow space layer effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient and have excellent energy saving characteristics. 

4mm ig glass
4mm ig glass
4mm ig glass
4mm ig glass

Linqu Sanjing glass has been specializing in the processing of 4mm ig glass architectural glass for more than 20 years and is rooted in China’s famous world manufacturing base in Weifang City, Shandong province, China.After years of development, it has grown into a large-scale glass manufacturer with customers all over the world. our company is fully equipped, the staff positions are fully and reasonable, the production capacity is stable with quality guaranteed, the certification is complete, and the service is prompt and thoughtful.Company with CE, ISO, CCC, BS6206, SGCC, CSI certificate etc.


Generally within 3 weeks. If the goods are in stock, it can be 1 week.

MOQ is one 20 feet container. Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.

Samples are free, can be ready in 1-4 weeks.

Five years warranty for Laminated Glass, and 10 years warranty for Tempered Glass, Insulated Glass, Windows & Doors and Curtain Wall etc.


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