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Double Glazing Glass Filled With Argon

Double glazing/insulated glass panel with argon filled is made of two or more pieces of tempered glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored or clear glass and use sealant gumming and aluminum spacers which was filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.

ainsulated glass

Argon filled double glazing/insulated glass pane features:

Insulating glass filled with argon gas has these advantages compared with ordinary insulating glass:

1.Sound proof, the insulated gladd can lower the voice 34 decibels or so.
2. heat proof, which can reduce the heat transmission coefficient U availably.
3. Condesation proof,with he characteristic of heat.
4.Argon is an inert gas, filling argon is not easy to crack because of thermal expansion and contraction, reducing the possibility of self-explosion.
5.Argon filled glass is not easy to fog, even after many years will still be very clear, ordinary glass will fog.
6.If Low-e glass is used, after filling argon, it can also play the role of protecting Low-e film and increase the service life of glass doors and Windows.

argon filled double glazing

How to detect whether the interior of the double glazing glass is filled with argon?

Portable argon detector is very cheap, generally only need 30-40 US dollars can buy one, test if the spark is very diffuse and can penetrate the glass chamber, you can determine that the argon is filled and the concentration is more than 80%. But more accurate detection requires specialized equipment.

argon double glazing
argon double glazing

What kinds of double glazing glass can be made?

Double glazing is not all made of two layers of glass, they are at least two layers, and sometimes three or more. Or made of laminated glass and tempered glass. We can produce all kinds of insulated glass, any colors, pattern, composition, shape etc can produce according customer’s demand.The images below shows double glazing, insulated laminated glass , double laminated insulated glass, triple insulating glass ,triple laminated insulated glass and so on .You can customize it according to your needs. We are the factory that can meet all your individual needs.

argon filled double glazing

Argon filled double glazing Customizable glass type and size

  • Glass materials: ESG, toughened glass, tempered sandwich glass, tempered glass, TVG, etc.
  • Flat shape size:Maximum size reach 3660x2200mm
  • Curved shape size: Minimum radius reach 600mm(24”), maximum arc reach 2440mm(96”), maximum height reach 5500mm(216”)
  • Glass Thickness:1-19mm tempered glass
  • Glass color: Blue, green, gray, brown, other customizable colors

Custom Shape


Custom Thickness

Custom Color


insulated glass application
building glass of electrochromic-glass5
Building glass of u-shaped-glass1

The application of double glass is very wide, there are energy-saving, sound insulation requirements of glass Windows, glass doors, glass curtain walls, green house etc., widely used in shopping malls, schools, office buildings, stadiums and other places.

After 27 years of development, sanjing Glass Company has not only produced and processed architectural glass, but also established its own doors and Windows company in 2019. This is the website of sanjing Doors and Windows Company, welcome to visit. This means that we can provide you with double glazing, as well as finished doors and Windows. At the same time, we have extensive experience in undertaking large-scale engineering projects.

  • Argon filled double glazing/Insulated glass panels with low e coating and filled with inert gas should be the best and basic requirement for windows.
  • It plays a prominent role in environmental protection, providing sunlight, air circulation and further energy conservation and noise reduction.Argon is a colorless, tasteless and non-toxic gas; It has the characteristics of UV stability and does not affect the transmission of visible light.
  • Because the density of argon is higher than that of ordinary air, the insulating glass filled with argon can slow down the thermal convection in the insulating glass, so as to reduce the thermal conductivity of the gas.
  • Thus, the time of no condensation and frost on the insulating glass is prolonged, the glass is drier and the energy-saving effect is very good.


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