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Glass curtain wall is a modern and beautiful building outer wall made of architectural glass.

There are many types of glass walls: single-layer or double-layer glass.

The glass curtain wall of the modern high-rise buildings adopts the combination of mirror glass or low-e glass , ordinary glass and insulated  glass or laminated glass, so it can be sound insulation, heat insulation, frost prevention, moisture-proof and wind resistance.

Buildings with insulated glass curtain walls ,energy can be well saved or utilized, people feel much more warmer in winter and nice and cool in summer.

The living environment will be greatly improved.

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Introduce Myself

Linqu Sanjing glass company is Founded in 1996, which can make a curtain wall system overall solution ,a provider of integrating product research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, installation and construction.

Consulting services and finished product export It has undertaken more than 100 skyscrapers over 200 meters.It has undertaken more than 1000 large-scale cultural, financial and commercial complexes.

Construction Project
  • *The kingdom of Saudi Arabia tower (1007 meters)
  • * Wuhan Greenland Center (636 meters)
  • * Marriott Hotel
  • * Shanghai center building
  • * Abu Dhabi sky tower and other landmark buildings
  • * The new CCTV site
  • * Shanghai World Expo Cultural Center
  • * Macao dream city
  • * Singapore sands Entertainment City
  • * Abu Dhabi financial center
  • * Qatar Bawa financial center and other landmark buildings

It has undertaken more than 40 large-scale transport hubs, including five airports in four municipalities directly under the central government of China, three railway hubs in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Abu Dhabi International Airport and other landmark buildings.

Product parameter of Glass Curtain Wall
Cutting, punching, drilling, bending, weld, mill, CNC, etc.
 Single tempered glass: 6/8/10/12mm
Laminated glass: 5mm+0.38/0.76/1.52pvb+5mm
Double glazing tempered glass: 6mm+6A/9A/12A/27A+6mm
Low-E glass
tinted/clear ,according to customer’s requirement
Silver, bronze, champagne, titanium, nickel, golden yellow, etc.
Alumiunium alloy
Surface Finish
Mill finish,Anodizing,Powder Coating,Wood Grain,Electrophoresis,Polished,Brushed
System performance
2.High thermal insulation
3.Sound resistance Rw to 48 dB
4.Wind and watertightness to 1000 Pa
System characteristics
1.Unique glazing sizes from 6 through 50mm
2.High glass weights to 300KG
3.View width 60mm
4.Different cover caps on the outside
5.Inside and outside color as desired
Glass Curtain Wall System
1.Unitized Glass Curtain Wall 
2.Point Supported Curtain Wall 
3.Visible frame glass curtain wall 
4.Invisible Frame Glass Curtain Wall
Full set of included. gasket,silicon,sealant rubber,screws.


Types Of Glass Curtain Wall
Introduce Myself
glass curtain wall
glass curtain wall
glass curtain wall
glass curtain wall
Hidden frame glass curtain wall
Spider curtain wall
Aluminum frame glass curtain wall
 Window wall
Factory View
glass curtain wall factory
glass curtain wall factory
glass curtain wall factory
glass curtain wall factory
glass curtain wall factory
glass curtain wall factory
Sanjing Curtain Wall Advantages
 Energy Efficiency          U-value low to 0.8 W/㎡. K

Water Penetration Resistance high to 1000 Pa            Durable powder coating warranty to 20 years

Glazing unit weight max to 1,000 kg          Glazing thickness from 4mm to 60 mm           Sound Resistance Rw to 68 dB

Sanjing Glass Curtain Wall ,not only available in a variety of style options,such as depths, profiles, finishes and unitized options, but improved the strength and performance of curtain walls .

Our curtain wall systems have several advantages,Their frame is light and self weight light and weathertight,
they provide a cutting-edge combination of design and performance — including thermal, hurricane and blast resistance.Our company provides a full range of curtain wall design services and cutting-edge performance, including heat resistance, hurricane resistance and explosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Hardware Of Glass Curtain wall
  1. Customized handle of German brand (other brands can be changed according to budget)
  2. The flexible transmission mechanism is ingeniously combined with the square shaft;
  3. The opening and closing are stable and smooth, the gear strength is high, and the engagement is smooth and firm.
  4. In order to improve the safety performance of the curtain wall, the system adopts multi-point locking.
  5. The hinge with modular design is conducive to screw positioning and can be installed quickly and conveniently. (can be configured according to customer requirements)
  6. The separation fixture does not need to be installed, which can improve the installation speed and efficiency of the hinge;
  7. The hardware is made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and durable, with strong bearing capacity and increased service life
Glass Curtain Wall Thermal Insulation Bridge Cutoff Aluminum Alloy
  1. Thermal insulation and energy saving of aluminum alloy: K value is 2.0~3.0w/m2k, which can save 30%~40% of energy. Its energy saving effect is obvious.
  2. Sound insulation: It has good sound insulation performance and can reduce noise by 30-50 dB on average
  3. Thermal insulation: hollow or laminated glass is used, and the process treatment has the functions of anti condensation and anti freezing. The glass is clean, transparent and bright
  4. High strength: It has high strength wind resistance and can withstand hurricanes
  5. The air tightness of glass curtain wall is good, and it can reach the level 1 standard.


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