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How many kinds of insulating glass spacers are there?

Insulating glass has many kinds of spacers.In the past, people filled argon into the insulating glass to reduce heat convection, improve the insulation performance of insulating glass, now, the utilization of energy is more important than ever, how to maximize the insulation performance of insulating glass, the construction of environmentally friendly green buildings has become the focus of attention.

In the same way as filling insulating glass with inert gas, the glass spacer plays an important role in the thermal performance of the insulating glass device. The spacer of insulating glass determines the heat through the glass panel, so the spacer technology is one of the important factors to ensure the performance of insulating glass.
There are many types of insulating glass spacers, different materials, colors and widths to choose from.

In terms of material, insulating glass spacers are usually divided into two categories: aluminum and warm edge gaskets.

Aluminum spacer strip

Aluminum spacers are the most widely used type of gasket. This material has been around for decades, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, and provides basic properties. But while aluminum provides a strong structural space, aluminum is also a very effective conductor of heat. The aluminum partition is very easy to conduct heat conduction, so that the heat inside the room is easily dispersed to the outside. Moreover, the cold caused by the aluminum spacer makes the temperature difference between the edge of the glass and the center of the glass, and the insulating glass unit is easy to condense and fog. Of course, increasing the desiccant in the middle of the aluminum strip and double-layer sealing can solve the fog problem, but the problem of easy heat dissipation is not easy to deal with.

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Warm edge gasket

The increasing demand for energy has led people to think of new solutions. A hot edge gasket made of a material with low thermal conductivity is introduced. Warm edge technology not only helps prevent heat loss through the Windows, improving the energy efficiency of the insulating glass unit, but also reduces condensation problems.

Warm edge gaskets are also available in a variety of types for different needs.

Stainless steel warm edge gasket

Stainless steel material and properties are similar to aluminium. However, the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is only one-tenth of that of aluminum, but the thermal conductivity of stainless steel gaskets is many times higher than that of warm edge gaskets of other organic materials.

Plastic-metal composite warm edge gasket

It is usually made of a composite of plastic materials and aluminum spacers, such as polycarbonate, polypropylene and other materials, wrapped aluminum spacers.

Flexible warm edge gasket

Flexible gaskets are made of thermoplastic or silicon-based materials with molecular sieve incorporated.

There is also the most excellent one, which does not contain any additives, hot melt butyl gasket, which is also TPS insulating glass gasket.

TPS technology has reshaped the insulating glass gasket market to a large extent. TPS spacers not only provide excellent insulation performance, but also have many other significant advantages.


Here are some of the key benefits of tps spacers:
Significant thermal insulation performance can reduce the heating and air conditioning costs of door and window users
Can effectively reduce the steam condensation, to avoid the glass condensation and fog
Excellent tensile and resilience properties
The Tps spacer is an uninterrupted whole in the insulating glass
Accurate insulating glass unit thickness
Longer service life
More efficient production efficiency, eliminate the original metal strip sawing, bending, desiccant filling and other processes, faster production cycle
Clean and efficient production methods.

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