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laminated safety glass
Laminated Safety Glass
insulated windows
Insulated Windows
 Insulated Glass
Thickness : 

1)Aluminum Spacer Width:6A,9A,12A,15A,17A,19A,20A,24A,etc.

2)Glass Thickness:3mm -19mm

Normal sizes:



8mm+6A/9A/12A+8mm etc.


3) As customer’s requirements.

 Size :

1)Max size: 3000mm x 8000mm  Min size:200mmx200mm

2)According to the customer requirements

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Introduction of Insulated Glass

Insulating glass is a prefabricated component made of two or more panes separated by an air gap and sealed together at the edges.

This edge seal not only binds the individual glass plates together to maintain the mechanical strength of the joint, but also protects the space between the glasses from external influences.

Dry the air enclosed between the two glass panes with a desiccant.

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the closed dry air between the glass windows, the heat transfer through the windows is greatly reduced. Tempered, laminated, reflective, Low-E, colored or transparent glass can be used.

Product Parameter of Insulated Glass
Product nameInsulated Glass
Glass compositionFloat glass, laminated glass, tempered glass,low-E glass,tinted glass etc.
 ColorClear,white,bronze,blue,gray, green, dark green, F-green, sapphire blue, 
ocean blue, bronze, dark gray, and golden etc.
Shape1)semi-circle  2)rectangle  3)arch   4)special shape
Filled Gas 1) air  2) vacuum  3) argon, etc.
Insulating Glass Production Process

Insulating glass is the combination of two or more pieces of glass after the second bonding. The middle layer of insulating glass is filled with dry air or other gases. During the processing, firstly insert the aluminum support filled with dirt, then flush the first layer of butyl rubber into the gap, and place the frame between the two pieces of glass and sulfur rubber, polyurethane rubber and silicone rubber according to the construction requirements.

Product Application Of Insulating Glass
  1. Cutting machine
  2. Fine polished machine
  3. Grinding machine
  4. Punching machine
  5. Cleaning machine
  6. Tempered glass production line
  7. Laminated glass production line
  8. Autoclave
  9. Insulated glass production line
  10. Stainless steel production line
insulating glass
Product Qualification Of Insulating Glass
Product qualification


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