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Curved Tempered Glass
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Insulated Glass Panels

How is Insulating glass made?

Insulating Glass units are volumetric articles consisting of two or three glass sheets, hermetically joined between each other by the contour by means of distance frames and sealants. At that, closed chambers arise filled with dried air or inert gas. 
-- Heat Insulation:
It prevents loss of heat in winter period, double glazing reflects thermal energy back into the room. Filling in the room with inert gas slows down moving molecules inside a glass unit, at the same time impeding significantly heat exchange processes. 
  -- Soundproof:
Double Glazing glass unit can be considered as sound insulating. For increasing sound insulating features of two-chamber glass units, there is a method – application glasses and distance frames of different thickness in one glass unit. This method allows effective putting out the sonic wave. Also very effective will be filling in the chambers with inert gas for increasing soundproofing features of glass unit. Inert gas detains passing sonic waves 1.2-1.3 times better than air. 
  -- Energy Saving:
We heat in winter, and we cool in summer; and with that we constantly pay and pay. It is possible to reduce those expenses if using special glass units. Double glazing glass will reduce the amount of heat that is escaping through the window. You will find that your heating will not need to be set as high or be left on as long because the windows are keeping the heat inside the property.
  -- Durability:
Strong structural sealant, no bubble and lacking. Excellent space thickness deviation, Butyl rubber width ≥3mm. Super high quality aluminum frame and glass ensuring our long lifetime durance.

Where can Insulating glass be used?

Insulating glass (Double glazing glass) is a new type of building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful appearance, and reduced building weight. Insulating glass is traditionally used at office buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses and those buildings where large amount of heating or cooling is required. Those places where humidity and temperature needs to be controlled, Insulated glass is best suited for them. It is also used in airports control towers, train windows etc.


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