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insulated windows
Insulated Windows
Clear Tempered Glass
Insulated Window Panels

Insulated Window Panels


Min. Size:300mm*300mm    Max. size:2440mm*13000mm  custom sizes


Glass:3mm~19mm;   Spacer thickness:6A/9A/12A/16A/20A ect

Glass options:

Low-E tempered glass, ultra clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass etc


Clear, Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey,
Dark Green, F. Green, Dark Blue, Lake Blue etc

Other Insulated glass composition options:

A.Clear tempered glass+ Low e tempered glass
B.Clear tempered glass+Reflective tempered glass
C.Or customized composition based on requirements

Introduction of Insulated Window Panels

Insulated Glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with effective support and evenly spaced and sealed at the periphery to form a dry gas space between the glass interlayers. The interlayer of the insulated glass is initially dry air, and other gases with a lower thermal conductivity than air are currently used. The minimum thickness of the gas interlayer of the insulating glass should not be less than 6mm, otherwise it will not function as thermal insulation. However, the thickness should not be too large,if it is too large to make the insulated glass too thick. In order to standardize the production of the frame, the gaps of the insulated glass are currently divided into 6, 9, and 12, 14, and 16 mm.

Product parameter of Insulated Window Panels
Product name
 Insulated Window Panels
Edge of laminate glass
Rough Edge,Finish Edge,Polish Edge
Min. Size:300mm*300mm
Max. size:2440mm*13000mm  custom sizes
Spacer thickness:6A/9A/12A/16A/20A ect
Clear, Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey,
Dark Green, F. Green, Dark Blue, Lake Blue etc
Glass options
Low-E tempered glass, ultra clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass etc
Other Insulated glass composition options
1.Clear tempered glass+ Low e tempered glass
2.Clear tempered glass+Reflective tempered glass
3.Or customized composition based on requirements
Product Feature Of Insulated Window Panels
igu glass
The thermal insulation properties of the insulating glass are mainly its thermal insulation of the gas interlayer, so that the temperature difference between the two sides is close to or even exceeds 10 °C. This is because the gas in the interlayer is in a closed space, the gas does not convect, thus, convective heat transfer and conduction heat transfer account for only a small proportion of the energy transfer of the hollow glass.
Heat preservation
Insulation of insulated glass means reducing indoor heat through its outdoor area during the winter, and the smaller the thermal resistance, the better the thermal insulation performance. If the glass is coated with a low-emission film, the radiation emissivity can be reduced to 0.1, and in winter, the heat radiated from the room will be reduced to provide better insulation.
insulated window panels6
igu glass panels
Anti-condensation & Reducing Cold Radiation
Inside the insulated glass, there is a desiccant that can absorb water molecules, and the gas is dry; when the temperature is lowered, condensation does not occur inside the insulated glass, and the dew point temperature of the outer surface of the glass also rises. This is the biggest difference between insulated glass and double glass.
insulating glass
insulated glass
Introduction of Insulated Window Panels
Any type of Insulated window panels consists of the following components:

A. The float glass or tempered glass constitute the insulated glass.

These glasses can be ordinary laminated glass, solar control glass (including Low-E glass), and etc.

B. Gas interlayers and gases.

In the interlayer of the insulated glass, firstly to ensure the performance of the insulated glass, the interlayer gas must be dry, including dry air, argon or other special gases. Generally, depending on the requirements, the thickness of the insulated glass interlayer and the internal gas are also different.

C.Edge sealing system.

There are two types of recognized insulated glass edge sealing systems: one is the traditional cold edge sealing system (slot aluminum), and the other is a warm edge sealing system (composite strip type) represented by American Swiggle strip. Since the traditional aluminum trough insulated glass products have been used internationally and domestically for a long time, they have been recognized by many people, and the warm-side system has been promoted in China in April 1997, and the products have not been widely recognized. However, since this product has been improved on the basis of the conventional method, the heat insulating and sound insulating properties of the insulating glass are greatly improved, and thus it has been accepted more and more popular.

Factory Of Insulated Window Panels

Sanjing Glass Co., Ltd. provides high-quality customization and processing services. You are welcome to customize the size, color and shape, both flat and curved. The maximum size we can produce is 3300mm x12000mm, the minimum radius is 400mm and the maximum arc length is 5000mm. Process service requirements such as edging, drilling and safety angle can be customized according to customer requirements.


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