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Insulated Glass Panel (4)
Insulated Glass Panel
Curved-Glass fence
Curved Glass Railing 340/17

Toughened Laminated Glass 560/19

Product Introduction of Laminated glass:

Laminated glass is made of high temperature and high pressure, sandwiched between two pieces of glass with a strong and thermoplastic resin intermediate film (such as PVB\SGP).
. High safety building materials
Because the middle sandwiched with strong and rich adhesion of the middle film, so it is not easy to be penetrated under the impact, and the broken glass is not easy to fly away, so compared with other types of glass has higher shock resistance, anti-theft, explosion-proof, anti-elastic.
. High efficiency and energy saving building materials The intermediate membrane has the function of reducing the infrared ray in sunlight (hot wire), which can save air conditioning equipment and electricity, and increase the comfort of living environment.

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Product Feature

. Enhance the aesthetic feeling of building exterior

Laminated glass with colored intermediate film is the easiest to harmonize the scenery around the building and meet the needs of the designer.

. Sound insulation

Intermediate membrane sound insulation effect is very good.

. Uv protection

Intermediate film has the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays, so it can prevent the damage of furniture, fabric, furnishings and wallpaper in the room.

Product Specifications:

. Maximum size: 118″× 315″ (3000mm × 8000mm)

Laminated glass
Laminated glass (2)


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