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Triple Insulated Glass

Triple Insulated Glass is a type of insulated glass that has three single panes of glass separated by argon gas, which means it has an extra layer of glass to insulate your home over double glazing. This extra layer makes it more difficult for heat to escape, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the temperature in your home.

As well as providing a warmer home in the winter months, triple glazing also reduces energy bills by preventing heat loss. After installing triple glazing you’ll notice a significant difference in your bills as well as the overall comfort of your home – especially throughout the winter months. In fact, triple glazing is five times more efficient than single glazing – imagine the difference that could make to your home!

Component of SZG Insulated Glass

1. We process insulated glass by using best quality float glass, Butyl sealant, strength adhesive, molecular sieve etc raw material.2. The warm-edge is built by Super-Spacer® technology between the insulated glass panes to prohibit the transfer of heat.
3. Sealant should be double-layer and the thickness should be greater than or equal to 5mm.
4. Inspection on the primary sealant, heat rise test for desiccant, humidity and fog determination test etc must be carried out during processing.



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