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Clear Tempered Glass
4mm-12mm frosted tempered glass
Toughened glass price 



clear, ultra clear, bronze, grey, green, blue,etc


Maximum size: 3000*12000mm, Minimum size: 150*300mm


Clear Glass, Painted Glass, Coated Glass, Figured Glass, Frosted Glass

Toughened glass price is also known as tempered glass or ESG glass. Tempered safety glass is made by heating the annealed glass to more than 600 ° C and cooling rapidly. It locks the outer surface of the glass in a high compression state and locks the core or center of the glass in a tension compensating state. It is a kind of safety glass, which is used when strength, heat resistance and safety are important considerations.

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Characteristic Of Toughened Glass Price

• If the toughened glass breaks, the particles are small and relatively harmless compared with the sharp fragments produced by the rupture of ordinary glass.

• The toughening process also greatly reduces the risk of thermal fracture.

• Up to five times the strength of annealed glass with the same thickness, it is an ideal safety glass.

Codes and standards

• Comply with bs6206:1981 class a standard and European Standard BS EN 12150.

Product type

• Available in transparent, tinted, reflective, low iron, etched, textured, color smart, hot color and low E glass types.

Processing process

• All work on tempered glass (chamfering, cutting, drilling, etc.) must be completed before tempering.

Product parameter Of Toughened Glass Price
Tempered glass/ Toughened glass
Glass window, railing, partition wall, shower door etc.
4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
Custom size
Flat/ Curved
Tempering, polishing, drilling, etching etc.
Meet Europe and America CE and SGCC certified


Toughened Glass Price/Tempered Glass Holes and Notches Processing
Holes and notches in toughened glass price, should be located within specified areas per this image.
Glass Edge to Hole Rim:
The minimum distance from the rim of a hole to the nearest edge of the glass must be ¼” or 2 x glass thickness, whichever is greater. Tolerance for location of hole from specified edge is ±1/16”.
Minimum Distance Between Holes:
The minimum distance between the rims of adjacent holes must be 3/8” or 2 x glass thickness, whichever is greater. Tolerance for dimension between hole centers is ± 1/16”.
Glass Corners to Nearest Rim of Hole:
Holes in the vicinity of a corner must be positioned so that the nearest edge of the hole is a minimum distance from the corner of 6.5 x the glass thickness.
Hole Dimensions:
The minimum dimension of a hole should be at least 1/16″ larger than the thickness of the glass. The maximum dimension of the hole should not be more than 1/3 the narrowest dimension of the piece.
Notches and Cutouts:
All must have a fillet with radius equal to, or greater than the thickness of the glass.
Tempered Safety Glass Factory

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Product Qualification Of Toughened Glass Price
Product qualification
Deliver Shipping And Serving Of Toughened Glass Price
Wooden crates packing option
Sanjing Glass use 12mm thick recycled hardwood board, no fumigation, hard plastic safety corner,plastic film covering the glass to avoid dirt, with a desiccant inside, to ensure that the glass is dry and not moldy during transportation.
Individual carton packaging options

Sanjing Glass use 5mm thick environmentally friendly corrugated boxes, 10mm thick foam board lining, 10mm thick recycled hardwood boards around the four sides of the glass to prevent damage to the edges, free transportation,suitable for retail storage of glass tabletops, shower rooms and other products

L-shaped iron frame packaging
Welded iron frame, fixed with plastic-steel belt, built-in forklift space, can be quickly loaded and unloaded as a whole, which is convenient for stocking at the construction site.


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