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How many kinds of insulating glass spacers are there?
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Top-Quality TPS Insulated Glass

TPS insulated glass is a kind of insulated glass with a thermoplastic spacer,which is a type of double or triple glazing used in windows or doors or glass facades. The spacer is the component that separates the glass panes within the IGU and provides structural support while maintaining the space between them. The purpose of the spacer is to create an insulating barrier between the glass panes, reducing heat transfer and improving the overall energy efficiency of the window or facade.

Traditionally, spacers have been made of metal, such as aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat. However, thermoplastic spacers are an alternative option that offers improved thermal performance. These spacers are made of a thermoplastic material, such as polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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tps insulated glass
tps insulated glass
tps insulated glass

What Is TPS Insulated Glass?

If we want to know what is TPS  insulated glass, first let’s see what is TPS?

TPS is an abbreviation of the word thermo plastic spacer.

As we all know, there are many types of spacers, such as aluminum spacers, stainless steel spacers, plastic-metal composite spacers and flexible spacers. Simply put, the TPS spacer is the best performing of these different spacer types.

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Sanjing TPS Insulated Glass Advantage

TPS (Thermoplastic Spacer) Insulated Glass has many advantages over traditional insulated glass with metal spacers. Here are some of the main advantages.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Due to the low thermal conductivity of thermoplastic spacers,TPS insulated glass units provide enhanced thermal insulation . This helps reduce heat transfer through the windows and doors, resulting in improved energy efficiency ,and lower heating and cooling costs.


Condensation Resistance

Compared to the metal spacers ,TPS spacers have better condensation resistance. Thermoplastic materials have low thermal conductivity which helps to maintain warmer interior glass temperatures, reducing the likelihood of condensation forming on the glass surface.

Sound Insulation

TPS insulated glass units can provide better sound insulation properties. The thermoplastic spacer is a dampening material, which can reducing the transmission of sound vibrations through the glass, resulting in quieter indoor environments.


Thermoplastic spacers in the middle of the tps glass are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and environmental stresses. They have good resistance to moisture and UV radiation, which helps maintain their structural integrity and performance over time.


Design Flexibility

TPS insulated glass units offer design flexibility. Customized shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit architectural requirements. They can be customized to meet specific aesthetic and performance needs.

Lower Risk of Thermal Stress:

Metal spacers in insulated glass units can conduct heat unevenly, leading to thermal stress on the glass. TPS spacers have a lower risk of thermal stress,those are due to their lower thermal conductivity and ability to distribute heat more evenly across the glass surface.

Sanjing Glass factory is one of the largest glass manufacturers in China, Engaged in the glass industry has 27 years of history, we started from a small glass wholesaler, after years of development, become the industry’s well-known glass deep processing enterprises, now the factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, there are 2 toughened lines, hollow glass production line 3, 2 laminated lines, design, technology and sales service personnel more than 300 people. 

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The picture below is a photo of the workshop.

glass factory
glass factory
glass factory
glass factory
glass factory

Although TPS insulating glass has many advantages, its specific advantages may vary depending on the manufacturer’s production process and the quality of the thermoplastic gasket used. Sanjing Glass Factory’s thermoplastic gaskets are made of German-branded materials with amazing quality. If you have any questions, please contact our account manager to learn about the specific benefits and performance characteristics of a particular TPS insulating glass product.

TPS Insulated Glass Application

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Structural Glazing





Why Choose Us

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We can provide highly customized TPS insulated glass solutions to meet your specific design, size, color, certificate and other configuration requirements to meet your project requirements specifications.

During the manufacturing process, we control the production process from the glass raw materials, the material and brand of the thermoplastic spacer, the filling of argon between the glass, the machine cleaning and manual inspection before the glass production and processing to ensure that each TPS insulating glass unit meets the high quality and high performance standards.

On the other hand, our factory has a strong production capacity and manufacturing efficiency, the company has two tempered glass production lines, three insulating glass production lines, can handle large-scale orders, and in the process of processing timely communication with customers, you can always send the production progress in the form of photos or videos, so that you can see your product production progress very intuitively. As well as the quality of the product, if there is any problem, we can communicate and correct it in time.Our company’s on-time delivery rate has reached 100% before.

In addition, we can offer very competitive prices. Shipping directly from the factory to your hands, eliminating the middleman to earn the difference, making the price lower, can reduce your input costs.

Sanjing Glass company can provide good after-sales service, if the glass is damaged during transportation or installation, our company can give you a replacement glass to ensure the consistency of the glass color configuration.

If your archiectural glass (even if it is purchased from elsewhere) need s to be patched with the same color and thickness of material ,we can make you the same color and configuration of glass according to your requirements.


Send your inquiry / assessment to Us. Anything need us ,please don’t hesitate contact us here! we will keep it secret for you !