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Sanjing Glass For The World Cup Project

Architectural glass for the Qatar World Cup

Alwakra, Qatar, which is home to the Al-Janubu football stadium and is also the main destination for the 2022 World Cup. Our company (Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., LTD.) has won a big project here – providing architectural glass for 6780 apartments, can accommodate about 27,000 people.
When Neymar returned to his apartment and looked back at the beautiful pearl shell shape of the Janube Stadium under the night, it was difficult to notice that the window of his room was installed with a single-layer silver low-e insulating glass made in China.
You can understand that Qatar World Cup in order to receive the World Cup coaches and athletes need to build new housing, by our company to provide 250,000 square meters of single-layer silver low-e insulating glass, for the construction of family housing and labor housing, these projects will become the home of thousands of people.

World Cup insulating glass project
World Cup insulating glass project

Competition Promotes Progress

To get this big project, Sanjing Glass defeated many of the world’s top industry leaders. Behind this is the change and development of China’s glass industry in the past decade. Linqu Sanjing Glass Co., LTD. General manager Yang Xianjie said “we are not afraid of competition with the world’s top enterprises” “We have 27 years of glass production and processing experience, and have done more than ten years of foreign trade export business, know that foreign customers attach importance to, one is the quality, the second is the period.”

Success Achieved With Experience

Why the customer choose the Sanjing glass?because we have a lot of experience in large projects before.

Before that, Sanjing Glass Company has had many cases of cooperation with five-star hotels, resorts, universities and other groups. For example, for the Marriott hotel in Puerto Rico, the supply of laminated insulated glass curtain wall system, insulated glass Windows and doors and other building materials. During the construction period, there was a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in the area, and the glass we supplied was not damaged due to its good packaging and high quality, and the project contractor also highly praised us and established a long-term relationship.

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Delivery Stability


Time limit is also the key to success.

In terms of order volume, such a large project generally takes two years. But the client asked for half a year, and we had to prove that we could complete the urgent task in the required time.

Before to make the order, the Qatari organizers gave each competitor a test order, “asking us to produce a certain amount of glass, and then see who can produce the fastest.”

We passed the test of the trial order. The quantity that should have been completed in one week was completed and delivered within one day after urgent overtime work, which also gave the customer new recognition of our production capacity and project control ability.

Excellent Production Capacity

Cutting machine\Fine polished machine\Edge Grinding Machine\Punching machine\Cleaning machine

Tempered glass production line\Laminated glass production line\H.Autoclave\Insulated glass production line.

Sanjing glass factory has complete construction glass production line, the company has more than 300 employees, including excellent designers, skilled production workers, quality inspection personnel, professional sales, specializing in export business personnel, etc., all people work together, for the development of the company to pay hard labor. The company started from a small glass shop, and after 27 years of development, it has become one of the largest glass deep processing companies in China, which is inseparable from the hard work and wisdom of all employees.


Ensuring a good schedule is actually reducing the price. If the daily cost of the construction site is relatively large and the construction period is particularly tight, we will find ways to reduce the time cost as far as possible without changing the quality.

The cooperation and procurement of large-scale projects itself requires long-term reliable cooperative suppliers. At this time, Sanjing Glass Company relied on the efforts of all employees and industrial innovation to provide integrated, full-program one-stop procurement capabilities, covering the entire project suppliers, and obtained this opportunity.

Project Scene Display

World Cup insulating glass project
World Cup insulating glass project
World Cup insulating glass project
World Cup insulating glass project

The weather in Qatar is hot, the project used all single silver low e insulating glass, the entire project used more than 250,000 square meters of glass. During the construction, we improved the production process of glass according to the needs of customers, and saved the budget under the premise of quality and quantity. In order to complete the work on time, the workers worked overtime every day and completed all the work during the contract period, which was well received by customers.
Now all the glass has been installed. If you are at the World Cup, you can pay attention to these places, the glass of these houses is produced by our company.
We not only provide architectural glass, but also a complete industrial chain, accessories, supporting facilities, glass and doors and Windows of the technological level in the world.

Media Report

sanjing glass
sanjing glass
sanjing glass

Through this business, Sanjing Glass factory stand in the spotlight of the world. Won the recognition of customers, but also got the attention of all aspects. Financial Observation,, Tuyere, Alibaba public number and other media have reported and praised this matter, and Chinese enterprises have gained good reputation and influence abroad.

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