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Shandong Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association held its second membership meeting in 2021

On March 21, 2021, the 2021 Annual Meeting of Shandong Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association and the first second membership meeting were held in Jinan, Quancheng. More than 300 people from member representatives, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, and representatives of fraternal associations attended the meeting.

Architectural Glass

Cao Tingfa, President of Shandong Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, make his speech: “In 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic, the association will still do a series of fruitful work in a down-to-earth and down-to-earth manner. However, the achievements can only represent the past and development. Promotion is the new goal. In the new year, the association will continue to improve various management systems on the basis of fully summing up the previous work experience and deficiencies, and actively coordinate with the fraternal associations to be anxious for members and think about what members think. Actively listen to the opinions and suggestions of member units, focus on hot issues, give full play to the initiative of the secretariat, integrate and mobilize resources from all parties, and comprehensively promote the in-depth development of various tasks, so as to ensure that the government is assured, the members are trusted, and the society is satisfied .”

We organized a trip to Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province to participate in the “National Compulsory Standards for Glass Unit Energy Consumption Quota and Glass Energy-saving Technology Seminar” in November 2019 and went to the National Glass Quality Inspection Center and local glass and equipment companies to visit and learn. There are in-depth professional management/technical knowledge explanations by external lecturers, and experience and skill sharing of front-line technical management personnel of member units. Through  Technology is the dominant factor that determines product quality, corporate competitiveness, and product profitability. As a large glass province with many enterprises, there are different scales of enterprises and uneven technical capabilities, and the problem of the “cask theory” is prominent. How can we make up for shortcomings and coordinate development? In June 2020, Shandong Glass Association established a technical (expert) committee to assist member units in solving problems in production management, process technology, and cost control. After the establishment of the technical committee, technical experts from the front line of the enterprise quickly played a role, combined with

enterprise operation practices, to provide members with technical guidance and training from different angles.

It is understood that the technical (experts) committee will study industry policy standards, track cutting-edge technologies, carry out subject research, assist management departments in improving industry technical specifications, formulating management/technical documents and other aspects to serve the Shandong glass industry and improve The overall technical level and management standards. “

Reasonable standards can effectively avoid competition, weed out enterprises that do not meet the standards, raise the threshold of 

competition, and enhance the reputation of the entire industry; the participation of enterprises in the preparation of standards can greatly enhance the corporate brand image, popularity, and industry status; some of the existing similar Part of the content of the standard has not been adapted to the demands of ever-increasing production technology, equipment and materials upgrades, and increased consumption requirements. In June 2020, Shandong Glass Association launched the first batch of “Technical Regulations for the Production of Channel Aluminum Insulating Glass” and “Test Methods for the Detection of Desiccant Adulterants (CaCl2, Calcium Oxide) for Insulating Glass” (T/SDG002) -2020), all have been released and implemented. In addition, the same batch of “Insulating Glass for Curtain Walls” standard has now entered the drafting stage and is expected to be released and implemented in the first half of this year.


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