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Shandong Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association held its second membership meeting in 2021

The application of SGP film laminated glass instead of monolithic glass in building curtain wall

SGP film is an ionic film. It is a copolymer of ethylene and methacrylate as the main component. It contains 1% metal sodium ion. The adhesion between the film and glass is mainly due to the ionic bond. The adhesion of PVB film and glass The result is that the COH group in the film and the Si-OH hydrogen bond in the glass form a bonding force with each other. The bonding strength of glass interlayer produced with SGP film is much higher than that of glass produced with PVB film, the shear modulus is increased by 50 times, and the tear strength can also be increased by 5 times.

The application of SGP film laminated glass instead of monolithic glass in building curtain wall
  • Although SGP film has superior performance, it has limitations in the application of laminated glass produced by using SGP film as an intermediate film. If it needs to be adopted, only through the equivalent strength calculation of SGP film laminated glass to provide theoretical data support for practical engineering applications. At the same time, it needs to be tested by professional testing institutions for the anti-collision performance of the curtain wall, the wind pressure resistance of the curtain wall, and the plane deformation performance of the curtain wall. Tests can only be used after they meet the design and relevant specifications.
  • By calculating the equivalent strength of SGP film laminated glass, we provide glass windows, curtain walls, glass barriers, doors and windows, balcony guardrails, stairwell glass panels, and partitions for practical engineering applications; more typical buildings have waiting rooms A place where the terminal building and cars are safely isolated from the public. For example, museums, banks, exhibition halls, office halls, jewelry stores, etc. need to be transparent, but when shootings, thefts, and theoretical data support may occur, and at the same time, they have passed various tests to meet the design and related specifications. SGP film laminated glass is used instead of orders. Sheet glass is feasible and a more economical solution, which can be widely used in the following projects.
  • In places prone to personal injury, such as the side of the passage, the glass roof of the waiting room of the street building station, the glass patio, the inclined glass window, and the curtain wall, the glass will not break and cause damage.
  • Bulletproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and hail-proof buildings require bulletproof laminated glass used in places where looting is required; explosive and toxic production and test sites, not only must observe the reaction, but also prevent explosions and laminated glass. Withstand large loads and meet the requirements of transparent viewing: it can be used as deep-water sight glasses, aquariums, submarine observation windows, etc.; special patterns are printed on the glass to make high-strength glass to make the floor with special effects. Safety glass on the facades of super high-rise buildings and public buildings. Existing toxic and hazardous materials affect personal safety and health, and laminated glass with explosion-proof function is also required. Floor, glass corridor.
  • SGP film generation buildings are getting higher and higher and larger in volume. The facades of super high-rises and super-large buildings need to withstand greater wind loads, system stresses generated by structures, earthquakes, and temperature changes. The glass is required to have higher load-bearing capacity and rigidity requirements, and in case of glass explosion damage at high altitudes, there must be a certain residual bonding force without causing a fall. The laminated glass produced by SGP film is very suitable for ultra-high buildings. , Facade glass of super large building. Oversized architectural glass. Pursuing the modern architectural concept of architectural effect, we are increasingly pursuing the large size and large layout of single glass. The use of SGP film to produce architectural glass or decorative glass columns with a length of more than 10m can meet the needs of safety and viewing angle effects.


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