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The Implementation Path Of Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction In The Flat Glass Industry

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For projects to be built and under construction, the construction and implementation should be based on the energy efficiency benchmarking level, and the energy efficiency level should be improved to the fullest, and strive to reach the benchmarking level in an all-round way. For the existing projects whose energy efficiency is lower than the benchmark level of the industry, rationally set up a transition period for policy implementation, guide enterprises to carry out energy-saving and carbon-reducing technological transformation in an orderly manner, improve the energy efficiency of production and operation, and resolutely eliminate outdated production capacity, outdated technology and outdated products in accordance with laws and regulations. According to the benchmark level and benchmark level of energy efficiency, the transformation, upgrading and phase-out will be implemented in batches within a time limit. For projects that need to carry out technological transformation, all localities should specify the time limit for transformation, upgrading and elimination (generally no more than 3 years) and the annual transformation and elimination plan, and upgrade the energy efficiency transformation to above the benchmark level within the specified time limit, and strive to reach the energy efficiency benchmark level; Projects that have been renovated on schedule will be eliminated. Resolutely curb the unreasonable energy use of high-energy-consuming projects, and restrict energy use for projects whose energy efficiency is lower than the benchmark level of the industry and fails to be retrofitted and upgraded on schedule. The regulations will be implemented from January 1, 2022.

According to China Building Materials Daily “9.5 Difficult, 8 Difficult – Survey on the Current Situation of Energy Efficiency in the Flat Glass Industry”, with the advancement and implementation of the “Action Plan”, it will definitely stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises and all sectors of society to innovate, and various energy-saving measures will spring up. emerge. Four years later, it is entirely possible for the entire industry to achieve the goal of exceeding 30% of the production capacity at the benchmark level of energy efficiency, which is also the social responsibility of enterprises. Although most business leaders believe that it is very difficult to reach the benchmark level, they all stated that they will try to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency through various methods. The person in charge of a glass company in Shandong said that for the production line in production, the difference in energy consumption is mainly related to the fuel used in the kiln, the service life of the kiln, the main product specifications, the production load, the composition and quality of the raw materials used, and the proportion of broken glass, Whether it is equipped with waste heat power generation is directly related to the difference. In the future, the company will strengthen the implementation of energy consumption management responsibilities, increase the introduction of broken glass without affecting the quality of glass, install frequency converters for all high-power motors, install photovoltaic power generation on the roof of the factory area, and power generation from all waste heat from kiln flue gas to improve production, supply and sales. The management of links ensures stable supply of raw materials, stable production, and high yield and high quality.

The transformation of energy-saving and carbon-reduction technology will promote the high-quality development of the flat glass industry in the new era. Considering that the innovation of energy-saving technology in the flat glass production line is changing with each passing day, the process from single-point breakthrough of energy-saving technology to technological transformation pilot and then to large-scale promotion may be nonlinear or even is cyclic. From the perspective of supply and demand, the supply of flat glass will decline in stages in the next few years, and in line with the changing process of glass demand for new houses, the glass supply and demand situation is expected to remain stable.


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