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The Hardest Glass Can Cut Diamond


Diamond is not only a symbol of loyal love, but also the hardest natural material known. It is usually used in industry to cut glass.

The raw material of diamond is carbon. Exploring new forms of carbon has always been the eternal theme of scientific research.

The paper in national science review, NSR introduced a new type of glass: am-iii, which is the hardest glass known so far. It can cut diamonds and approach the strength of diamonds. Am-iii was made by material scientists from Yanshan University.

They found that crystal and amorphous carbon can produce high-strength glass through a certain proportion, and compressed fullerene C60 (a hollow molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms) under high temperature and high pressure to produce this hard carbon material. In addition to ultra-high strength, am-iii also has the characteristics of conductivity and high temperature resistance. In other words, this new material has not only the hardness comparable to diamonds, but also the good conductivity that diamonds do not have. In the future, this material has a wide range of applications, or can be used in bulletproof glass, military weapons and photoelectric equipment.


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