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Extremely Quiet, How Does V Glass (Vacuum Glass) Solve The Noise Problem

Vacuum Glass

The weekly “New Scientist” published by the WHO shows that different parts and systems in the human body have their own natural frequencies. When the vibration frequency experienced by the human body is close to or equal to the natural frequency of a certain part, resonance will occur, which will affect the body. Noise hazard, if it is a vital organ, it will cause a stronger reaction and greater damage! In addition, long-term exposure to a noisy environment can cause dizziness, headache, memory loss, anxiety and many other chronic diseases.

The weighted sound insulation of V glass (vacuum glass) exceeds 39dB, which has a good noise reduction effect on traffic noise and construction noise. It is suitable for civil or commercial buildings in elevated buildings, construction sites and other areas with severe noise (noise pollution). The sound insulation of glass is only 29 decibels. The difference of more than ten decibels is a huge difference for our auditory system.

Research shows that once the noise level of the sleeping environment exceeds 32dB, every 1dB increase will reduce the duration of deep sleep by 4%. 90% of the sources of indoor noise are conducted into the room through doors and windows. V glass (vacuum glass) can limit the noise to less than 32dB, helping you improve sleep quality and sleep soundly every night.


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