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Data Speaks, Let The Numbers Tell You How Good V Glass (Tempered Vacuum Glass) Is

Tempered vacuum glass

In the three most important performance comparisons of heat insulation, muteness and dew proofing, V glass (tempered vacuum glass) is far superior to other glass products. First, the U value of the heat transfer performance of V glass is as low as 0.4W/(㎡·K), and the thermal insulation performance is about four times better than that of insulating glass; secondly, the sound insulation of V glass can reach 39dB, which is 37% better than that of insulating glass; Finally, when the outdoor temperature of V glass is -25 ℃ in winter, there will be no condensation.

As we all know, the space 100 kilometers away from the earth is in a vacuum state, and heat and sound can hardly be transmitted in such an environment. V glass (tempered vacuum glass) is a good use of the vacuum layer between two pieces of glass. With it, V glass has good heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-dew and other capabilities. Therefore, V glass is widely used in the construction of passive houses, sun rooms, silent rooms, etc.


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