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V Glass: "Quietly" To Care For Your Health

vacuum glass


April 16, 2022 marks the 20th World Noise Day, which aims to raise awareness of the "hidden killer" by promoting awareness of noise pollution. 

1. Noise "kills" is not alarmist

According to a report published by the World Health Organization's "New Scientist" weekly, noise is an important cause of stress and many deaths. The report shows that 3% of people who die from heart disease or stroke in Europe are caused by traffic noise. Since 7 million people worldwide die of heart disease each year, using this percentage, it is possible that around 210,000 people die each year from noise-related diseases.

Noise kills people, in fact, is closely related to the structural characteristics of our body itself: because different parts and systems in the human body have their own natural frequencies, so when the natural frequency of a part of the human body is close to or equal to its vibration frequency, resonance will be generated, thus causing damage to the body organization.  If the vital organs of the body resonate, the discomfort will be stronger, the reaction will be stronger, and the physical damage will be greater. 

In addition to killing people, noise is one of the main culprits that lead to the sub-health state of human life. Data studies have shown that exposure to high noise for a long time can cause noise-induced deafness, which is permanent. Noise acting on the central nervous system of people can cause intractable nervous system diseases such as cephalic pain, insomnia and neurasthenia. Due to noise induced sleep disorders, the risk of depression, anxiety and suicide is more than 1.4 times higher than that of the general population. For every decibel rise in urban noise, the incidence of hypertension increases by 3%; noise affects the development of fetuses and children. Children's intellectual development in noise environment is slow, 20% lower than normal...

2. The key to indoor noise reduction is glass

Some scholars have calculated that "more than 80% of modern people's life is spent indoors." Therefore, the comfort of the indoor environment has a profound impact on people's health and work efficiency.

By analyzing the sources of indoor noise, it can be found that the noise mainly comes from the following ways: noise introduced through doors and windows, noise introduced through walls, noise introduced through the floor, noise introduced through indoor pipes, and some residential electrical and mechanical Noise from equipment. Statistics show that among these noise sources, 90% of the external noise is conducted into the room through doors and windows, but glass occupies 70% of the area of ​​doors and windows. Therefore, to reduce indoor noise and improve the quality of life, the noise reduction ability of door and window glass is The essential.

3. V glass "quietly" cares for your health

In China, the common door and window glass are: ordinary insulating glass, laminated glass and vacuum glass. In order to verify the actual sound insulation effect of these types of glass, we used V glass to conduct a special comparison experiment. The measured data clearly shows that the sound insulation of ordinary insulating glass is only 20.8dB, while V glass reaches 29.5dB, while V glass composite The sound insulation of laminated glass can reach 36.4dB, which is nearly twice that of ordinary insulating glass; even in the daytime, doors and windows equipped with V-glass composite laminated glass can reduce indoor noise to 29dB and reduce outdoor environmental noise by more than 50%. It has reached the requirement that the noise of the bedroom at night is lower than 30dB stipulated in the new version of "General Specification for Building Environment".

The reason why V glass has better sound insulation performance than ordinary glass lies in its unique structure and principle: because the sound transmission medium is mainly air, water, and solid, and vacuum glass is to seal two pieces of flat glass around, The air is extracted from the middle to form a vacuum layer and cut off the transmission route of noise, so it has the characteristics of zero sound transmission. At the same time, it also cuts off the way of heat transmission and realizes zero heat transfer. Therefore, V glass has become a new generation of super insulation. High-tech glass products with superior performance such as heat, quietness, ultra-low dew point, etc., are energy-saving and quiet glass products.

4. Conclusion

According to the survey, nearly 2/3 of the urban residents in the country live in an environment where the noise exceeds the standard, and the noise in many urban living areas is higher than 60 dB. In 2020, the "National Eco-environmental Petition Complaint Reporting Management Platform" received more than 441,000 reports from the public, of which noise disturbances accounted for 41.2% of all reports; the harm of noise is evident!

Technology changes life, come and experience V glass, find "quietness" and say goodbye to noise!


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