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Application of Online Low-E Glass in Near-Zero Energy Building
What are the selection factor for tempered glass?

Vacuum glass helps building energy saving

Vacuum glass is two pieces of flat glass sealed with sealing solder around, and the middle is separated by a matrix arrangement with a height of about 0.3mm. One piece of glass is left with a suction hole, and the suction hole is sealed after vacuum exhaust. Vacuum chamber. Due to the existence of the vacuum cavity, the heat conduction and convection heat transfer in the glass can be blocked, so as to obtain an excellent heat preservation effect. At the same time, it has good sound insulation performance, which can achieve heat preservation and heat insulation, prevent condensation, save energy and reduce consumption The role of sound and noise reduction is an outstanding representative of energy-saving glass products today and in the future.

Vacuum glass helps building energy saving

Vacuum glass helps ultra-low-energy buildings simple and easy

One of the keys to building energy conservation is the research and development and application of new building energy-saving glass. Energy-saving glass and ultra-low energy-consumption buildings have also become green industries that the state encourages and supports. As the main material of the outer envelope of ultra-low energy buildings, vacuum glass makes energy consumption calculation and energy consumption control simple and easy. Compared with insulating glass, vacuum glass has better thermal insulation performance, higher sound insulation performance, and longer service life. At the same time, the ultra-thin and lightweight design of vacuum glass can also save window frame materials and reduce construction costs. Vacuum glass is energy-saving architectural glass with the best thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance. The vigorous development and application of vacuum glass has great social significance and huge economic benefits for building energy conservation and the sustainable development of human society.

The research and development and production of vacuum glass have been developed in China for nearly 20 years. China’s research and application level in this field has been in the forefront of the world. A large number of research results and patented technologies have solved problems that have not been solved for many years at home and abroad, and have also established my country’s vacuum Independent intellectual property rights in the glass industry. However, at the same time, due to the existence of the vacuum chamber, the vacuum glass is used as a negative pressure device in the atmospheric environment. Under natural conditions, it can withstand a standard atmospheric pressure and is easily damaged when exposed to external impacts. It will cause certain safety hazards and greatly affect it. Its service life is improved. Although the industrialization of vacuum glass was realized as early as the end of the last century, the stable manufacturing technology and high-efficiency and low-cost large-scale production of safety vacuum glass have not been resolved, and large-scale application and promotion have been restricted to a certain extent. Therefore, improving the impact resistance of vacuum glass itself, solving its safety issues and product quality stability issues, is the only way for the large-scale promotion and application of vacuum glass, and tempered vacuum glass has emerged as the times require. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and application safety in the field of household appliances and food, lead-free fully tempered vacuum glass also needs to be sealed with low-temperature lead-free sealing solder, which is lead-free, non-toxic, non-polluting, and has low manufacturing energy consumption. It is also the research and development of vacuum glass. The direction of development.

Because of the unique performance advantages and the ever-expanding market demand, there has been a new upsurge in vacuum glass research and development and industrial construction around the world in recent years. The units that have established vacuum glass production lines at home and abroad have “followed the next step.” In China, after years of development, the vacuum glass companies established in the last century have achieved the leading position in the world in terms of the industrial scale and product innovation of China’s vacuum glass. With the development of the new situation, the market demand for vacuum glass and the scale of application have also shown a leap-forward growth. With the promulgation and implementation of the national standards for vacuum glass, my country’s vacuum glass industry will gradually move towards maturity and scale.

The transformation of industry-university-research results leads the development of the industry

Vacuum glass has obvious advantages in terms of longevity, energy saving and lightweight, and the relevant policies of the country and industry have also given great support to vacuum glass. Vacuum glass has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, and the introduction of mature and stable vacuum glass manufacturing technology and production equipment will provide strong support for the implementation of relevant industrial policies in my country. In the future, relevant national and local industrial policies will vigorously encourage the development of energy-saving vacuum glass. The domestic demand for vacuum glass will also grow rapidly. Vacuum glass products will also usher in energy-saving buildings, energy-saving home appliances and related green and low-carbon manufacturing equipment. Unprecedented development opportunities.


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