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Shandong Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association held its second membership meeting in 2021

What are the selection factor for tempered glass?

Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the glass surface. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and strengthening the resistance of the glass itself. Wind pressure, cold and heat, shock, etc. The highest temperature resistance of tempered glass is 380 degrees.

tempered glass (2)

The curvature of flat toughened glass should not exceed 0.5% when it is bowed, and it should not exceed 0.3% when it is corrugated.

2.Impact Resistance

Take 6 specimens of tempered glass for the test, and the number of specimen failures is less than 1 as qualified, and more than or equal to 3 as unqualified. When the number of damage is 2 pieces, another 6 pieces shall be taken for the test, and all 6 pieces must not be damaged as qualified.

3.Fragment Status

Take 4 samples of tempered glass for testing. Each sample must have more than 40 fragments in the area of ​​50mm×50mm, and a small number of long fragments are allowed, and the end does not exceed 75mm, and the end is not knife-shaped. The angle between the elongated fragments formed by the glass extending to the boundary and the boundary is not more than 45°

tempered glass
4.Shotgun Bag Impact Performance

(1)When the glass is broken, the total mass of the maximum 10 pieces of each sample shall not exceed the mass equivalent to the 65m2 area of ​​the sample.

(2) When the drop height of the loose ammunition bag is 1200mm, the sample will not be damaged.

5.Testing for curvature

Take flat toughened glass products as samples. The sample is placed vertically, and the ruler is placed horizontally against the surface of the sample for measurement. The bow is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the height of the arc to the length of the string. In the waveform, it is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the height from the trough to the crest to the distance from the crest to the crest or the distance from the trough to the trough.


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